Table Arrangements - Dungeness is a series of six rearrange-able pieces. The forms and surfaces of the pieces reference the landscape of Dungeness in Kent, UK. Gathering visual material directly related to these works during walks using photography, drawing and written notes, I try to capture and record, through mark-making, something of the changing material nature of this place. I am particularly interested in how material changes, how metal oxidises and how steel can leave marks behind through this oxidisation.

The oak in these pieces has been stained using the steel dust collected whilst forming and filing the steel structures. My examination of the environment is at micro level, Iā€™m interested in surface, patina and decay. In translating this into work in the studio I make marks and imprints into the surface of the material before applying and abrading vitreous enamel. Having worked with amalgamations of works and objects for several years I am concerned with making work that explore series or groups of pieces that relate to each other both materially and conceptually.